Tight Asian Manholes #4 38 min (Third World Gay series)

Tight Asian Manholes #4 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Nom is a gay Thai fuck bomb with silky smooth skin, skinny body and a hair-lined pink tipped Thai noodle attached to the smallest set of nuts in town. He comes to Allens room to service this horny foreign sex tourists cock. He massages him and then wraps his lips around his shaft where Allen plays a round of Thai basketball with the back of his head. Allen slaps his white cock on his brownish/yellow shaft and then uses his foreskin to swallow up his dick tip and to share some pre-cum. He splits his legs and stuffs his tight Asian man hole full of imported sausage. Nom rides Allens shlong, before Allen pulls out, straddles Noms face, whacks his noodle around and makes him spit up a milky, creamy batch of Thai penis sauce. Allen finishes him off with a gnarly facial that lands in his eye and strews across his face. Nom showers to wash his dong clean.

Niches: Asian, Anal, Blowjob

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