Tight Asian Manholes #3 42 min (Third World Gay series)

Tight Asian Manholes #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Por is slightly more hairy than your average Thai twink. While his body is mostly smooth, his hair is long, he has a beard and mustache, and his pubes are ultra long and silky. He is skinny,yet his cock is rather girthy. Allen is an Australian sex tourist who is looking for a Thai massage and has ordered Por to his room. This young fuck boy comes to massage him and he starts by stripping Allen down and rubbing oil on his back. Por lays his Thai ant eater on Allens back and chest while performing his duties diligently. Allen rubs Pors cock too, getting him instantly hard and then sucking on it too. His massage boy massages Allens cock with his mouth and nibbles his teeth all along his nut bag and dong shaft. He eats Allens anus out and rims his shit hole like a do g. Allen drops to all fours and repays his massage boy with a deep sucking, foreskin twisting BJ. They cock fight and kiss tips to make friends again. Allens foreskin gobbles up his new friends shaft as they cock dock, slap each others peniss around, bounce ball bags together and then bust Pors bung holes apart. Por is a slightly dead fuck, who lays quietly as Allen digs a new tunnel through Thailand via Pors shitter. Por hops on top for a bit of the cock flop as he pole dances on Allens shaft. Allen collects a large specimen of Pors cum in his hand, that he rubs into his own shaft to use as lube for himself to shoot a thick batch or cum in Pors mouth and all over his beard too. Cum clings from his face as he heads to the shower to wash up.

Niches: Asian, Anal, Blowjob

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