Tight Asian Manholes #3 37 min (Third World Gay series)

Tight Asian Manholes #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Dai is a young, dark Thai guy with a slim figure and a baby face. His 98 pound frame is home to a 4 inch uncut Thai ant eater with a furry mane surrounding it. Dai is summoned to a foreign mans room where he requests a massage. Dai massages him all over including his skinny white dong. Dai lays some mouth on his stick and sucks away nicely. He swallows his pink-headed penis and his new foreign friend returns the favor by sucking his dark and tiny one and chewing on his foreskin too. They cock dock and sword fight, stopping from time to time to kiss tips and fuck the others face too. He splits Dais legs wild turkey style and pumps his new little fuck toy while Dai strokes away at his own wang. They throw a little ATM in and this foreigner finishes off his boy with a massive glob of cum shot right into his left eye; tempor arily blinding him as he cleans up the rest of the cum with his mouth. Dai drops his juice off deep inside this foreigners gaping foreskin reservoir. Dai heads to the shower and washes himself clean once again.

Niches: Asian, Anal, Blowjob

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