Tight Asian Manholes #3 36 min (Third World Gay series)

Tight Asian Manholes #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Kong is a fruity Thai boy with smooth skin and a hairless body. His big belt buckle hides his package, which by Thai standards is fairly healthy. Surrounding Kongs dong is a thick patch of Thai grassy fur. Allen has called in an internet technician to help him with his connection. Kong is 23 and he looks good to Allen. He gets invited to stay and be Allens fuck boy for the afternoon. Allen grabs his right ball from his Thai flag colored underwear and slaps it around, tugging it, sniffing it and sucking it up into his mouth. He extracts pre-jizz from Kongs dong tip and smashes their 2 cock heads together. Allen stuffs Kongs mouth, pile-driving his penis to Kongs tonsils, occasionally pulling out and slapping his sausage on his face. Kong eats Allens bung then sniffs his own ass stench off Kongs face. ;Kong rides Allens shlong as his tool whips around from side to side. Allen preps his foreskin to form a reservoir where Kong deposits his huge nut into to. Allen finishes Kong off with a massive facial the smears all over his chin, lips and right side of his face too. Kong stares cross-eyed into the camera as he preps to take a shower and clean things up a bit

Niches: Asian, Anal, Blowjob

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