Teeny Tiny Thai Twigs 29 min (Third World Tranny series)

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Summary: Aor is only 19 with long dark hair and a very pretty face. She is all natural with puffy brown hormone tits and a medium sized whanker. Its not the smallest we have ever seen but certainly not the largest either. Allan massages it with his hands and next with his mouth, swallowing the entire twig and her ballsack too. They sword fight and compare the elasticity of each others foreskins, before Allan punctures her seal and goes to work on her shit sweaty ass. Her tiny cock stays hard from beginning to end and makes its way up Allans ass, as she pumps his shit and strokes his dick at the same time. She pulls out, straddles Allans face and tosses off a triple blast of watered down cum right into his mouth. It dribbles down his chin as he sucks the remaining out of her tip and fires one off all over her face. He kisses her and laps up his own cum too with his tongue.

Niches: Anal, Blowjob

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