Ladyboy Confidential #4 50 min (Third World Tranny series)

Ladyboy Confidential #4 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: *Zonia* is tall sexy and very ladylike. She looks a little cross-eyed, her tits are big, her penis stubby and her ass ready to swallow any hard shaft within reach. She strokes her own tool before suckiong up the foreign made one we provide her with. Her new foreign friend drops low between her legs and opens wide to say sawadee to her stiffee. His cock swallows her penis with his own before readying her shit box for a stiff pouncing. She takes a taste of her own pooper fresh off his rod before he grinds her ass more and grets her to produce a tiny spattering of hormone enhanced tranny sperm. He finishes her off with a wicked face of cum that coats her nose, her eyes and her hair too. Sperm foams up in her mouth and all over her face before she showers to wash it all away.

Niches: Anal, Blowjob, Interracial

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