LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS #4 24 min (Third World series)

LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS #4 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Rei Himekawa may be Japanese but her ass looks like ti was born in Brazil. So do her fat tits which bounce and jiggle as she fucks our guys cock in an erotic way not normally seen in Japan. Of all the J- girls we have seen, this big-titted thing is more erotic and more eager to please a man than most others. She uses her highly skilled tongue to completely lick our guy down from head to heel. She swallows his entire cock and works it over better than a pro, before spreading her own legs and shoving her juicy J-hole in his mouth to be devoured. She straddles his face, as she fucks his tongue with her very pretty pussy and tight ass too. She unleashes her luscious rack and pointy nipple tips, as he prepares a small vibrator to get her going even more. She loves the stimuli and screams and cums as he vibes her puss and licks her toes at the same time. He splits her pretty flower in two and works it in slowly as her big boobs start bouncing. She mounts him up and sways her hips like a Latina girl, using her stomach muscles to suck his cock up even deeper inside. She gets pumped in multiple positions, finally opting for a thick load straight in her mouth. She scoops the cum from her tongue and licks it all up, as she smears it all around her slutty mouth and face. Hot- Hot scene!!!



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