LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS #4 33 min (Third World series)

LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS #4 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Monica Santiago is a thick-skinned, compact girl with dark hair and a very sexy, wrestler-like physique. Her tits are far from huge, leaving her strongest attributes for the waste down. Notable is the size of the ass this smaller girl is lugging around. As she wades in the pool, wearing a pink bikini, one must wonder how well her ass can possibly serve as a floatation device. This girl likes da brothas, and has one munch on her fat ass as it sways in the pool. This guy is in love with the taste of her melon bottom, and he cannot stop eating her out. She stands her thick ass tall up in the air using her massive thighs to support it. She devours his 11 inch monster cock like a piece of dark, luxury chocolate. He splits her pink but bottoms out about half way in, however he knows that her thick ass will handle much, much more. She has a foul mouth and talks dirtier the more and more he sticks it to her. Her big booty bounces from side to side and up and down as it rides his thick shaft. She moves her ass like she is doing the samba on a thick, dark dance pole. He plugs her ass every which way imaginable before pulling out, cumming all over her backdoor and sticking it straight up her front portal again. From one hole to the next, pussy to ass and finally in her mouth, for her to lick the entire mess up. This girl is beyond nasty.

Niches: Anal, Ass to Mouth


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