Hidden Camera Hotel Scam 22 min (Third World Asian series)

Hidden Camera Hotel Scam on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Haruka is young, dumb, cute and into Enjo-Kosai- sex for money with older men. She has unsuspectingly made her way into a wired hotel room with an older paying gentleman. He is lifting her skirt and rubbing her soft skin, licking the wet spot on her silky white panties. 2 hidden cameras are planted in this room and do a good job of catching all the action. Her tits are like two smaller sized, yet full rounded fruits that puff with freshness. He feeds her a taste of his beef, as she slowly licks the tip before ingesting the entire thing. He eats her ass and warms a small vibrator up for her clitoris, which unburies itself from behind her thick pubic forest. He rides her first before she takes over on top, using her young hips to maneuver on his meat. She works him over real well, which gets him to cough up a wad a bit earlier than expected. He lands it on her tummy and you can see she is quite bit frustrated that he could not fuck her longer.......

Niches: Asian, 18+ Teen


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