Hidden Camera Hotel Scam 21 min (Third World Asian series)

Hidden Camera Hotel Scam on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Junko is a bit older but she still likes to dress up like a school girl from time time. Especially when she is meeting a new man for some afternoon fun in a love hotel. Unfortunately for her and her unsuspecting older customer, this hotel owner has this room covered with hidden cameras and microphones. Junko hardly needs a microphone for her voice to project far and wide, as her customer massages her clit with a large vibrator that sends her into a screaming frenzy. She screams, moans and shouts as she cums over and over again. He crams fingers in her moderately hairy hole, as she applies the vibrator to her own clit. She hops on all fours and swa llows his cock whole, while also slowly licking and sucking on his tip. Her skinny frame tightens as her soft pussy swallows his cock and rides it in several positions. Her hips move rapidly as she screams and shouts with every thrust of his 80 year old cock. He tosses her around like a rag doll and slams her fuck box hard before offloading his stale load deep inside her cum hungry hole.

Niches: Asian


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