Fresh Off The Boat #6 42 min (Third World series)

Fresh Off The Boat #6 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Jasmine Torres is from the Dominican Republic and has come to see Doctor Hunter for her qualification examination. She undresses and unleashes her large natural tits and thick juicy bunda with a medium sized cyst on the side. She is 23 and weighs only 100 lbs... and is completely natural. Her tits have large dark chocolate colored areola that are giant in size and are very soft and squishy overall. Doctor Hunter jiggles and shakes them around before using his suction cups and macro-meter to take a few measurements. He observes that one of her nipples is puffier than the other and that her vagina is completely wild and unshaven. He breaks her seal with his fingers, unleashing her latin stench into the exam room and then cramm ing a dildo between her legs to measure her canal length. She is off to the inspector for her final examination which is not going well but she knows she has to do whatever it takes to stay here. She starts by sucking his cock and balls before fucking his cock with her tits. He bends her over and plugs her chute as her huge boobies bounce all around the sofa. She does some PTM and takes it in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl too, before getting her tits and the side of her face painted with a load of hot jism. She has earned her stay.

Niches: Blowjob, Pornstar

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