Fresh Off The Boat #3 33 min (Third World series)

Fresh Off The Boat #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Andrea Kelly is a tiny little soccer player Fresh Off the Boat from Guatemala. She is only 18 years old and came to the USA, knowing she wanted to play soccer and become a porn star right away. She has run into trouble with immigration who has hunted her down at her soccer coachs home. She wants to stay in the USA forever, and is very willing to do whatever it takes. She seduces the immigration officer, working his cock over well with her mouth, plump tits and super hairy all natural fuck hole as well. Her eyes are crossed behind her glasses as she focuses in hard on the task of sucking the skin off of this cops cock. He fills her tiny hair covered hole and makes her juicy tits bounce all around, as he really makes her pay full-price for admission to this great country. He tears her pussy up, jamming her long and deep, as he builds up a batch of white ink to sign off on her entry permit. He drops his seed deep inside her hairy box and watches as it oozes out and down her leg. He is the first along with her coach to Welcome her to the USA!!!



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