Fresh Off The Boat #3 29 min (Third World series)

Fresh Off The Boat #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Sakura is a street smart and very slutty LA girl with former ties to the Japanese archipelago. She may not speak any Japanese but she is smart enough to know that getting accepted by the locals means sometimes fucking an entire room full of guys. Today it is only 3 on 1, yet this half Asian- American slut really handles herself well. The guys grope her body and warm her up well, pulling out her soft tits and stuffing her face full of 3 J-dongs. They massage her clit and start this girls engine firing as they closely analyze her bright orange vaginas inner workings. One finger fills her pussy while others engulf her anus and one more massages her clit. They cram her ass with a pink dildo while she sucks cock and 2 more dildos are shoved in and out of her fuck hole. She sucks their cocks like a gaijin sucking oysters from airtight clam shells; getting all three in her mouth at one time and showing these dudes somethings a pure J-chick could never do. Dildos fill her asshole as her pussy spills its imported flavor all over the 3 guys, who run a train on her while making her cum over and over again. One blows in her mouth before the next does the same; filling this American sluts oral orifice and face with load after load of true Japanese cum globs.



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