Fresh Off The Boat #3 21 min (Third World series)

Fresh Off The Boat #3 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Eva had to come a long way to the USA. Her journey started in Eastern Europe and then France, where this super hot blonde with milky white skin met up with a very dark black human smuggler, with a cock the size of a baseball bat. He wastes no time making her pay the price; drilling out her shitter first, shoving more than the bulk of his giant radiator hose up her tiny white shitter. Eva may be a white chick but she got big hips and a deep slice made for handling massive dongs. Her asshole grows to 4 times its original shape, as he spits inside her gaping vag as he continues to brutalize her bore out bunghole. The area around her ass turns bright red from the beating, as he continues to tear her up from the inside out. He feeds her a piece of her own ass and then stuffs his hose deep inside her yet to be destroyed pussy. He rips that in shreds too, before going back to her asshole to deposit a very milky creampie in her anal canal. He scoops a bunch with his finger and feeds her a few licks of cream with some fudge.

Niches: Cream Pie, Anal, Interracial


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