Chocolate Chunka Lunks 29 min (Third World series)

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Summary: Thunder Kat (Cover Girl) is a super sized dark chocolate mama who has herself wrapped in pink high heels and one piece on top of the bright red hair she is sporting. Her tits are giant sized models and her ass is wider than a semi. Her pussy has been off limits for a long time, unreachable by any average man. Its wild afro grass has been allowed to flourish, hiding her purple colored vaginal interior. Her white boyfriend dives deep between her legs, using his tongue to flush her insides out. She toys with his cock, which is barely able to find the right crease in her bottom to plug. He is completely swallowed up by her and beat around as her giant sized butt cheeks slap his thighs. She asks for her ass slapped while getting it from behind and pendulum tits swing with great force. She starts to sweat like a melting chocolate b ar all over his cock. He is nearly invisible as she sits on him, engulfing him with flab and blubber. He pulls out and power sprays her with large quantities of bright white jism.

Niches: Big Butt, Big Tits, Ebony, BBW, Interracial

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