Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #8 27 min (Third World Asian series)

Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #8 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Linda is a bleached blonde Thai chick with a natural tan and dark chocolate colored nipple tips. Her pussy is soft and completely shaven down. She jams a couple fingers as she sucks on a stiff dong. She teases it and sucks it slowly, working the tip over well with her spit and her left tit. She uses her chocolate nipple tips and shallow cleavage to fuck his cock, before mounting it up and riding it hard. She yells Oh yes as he pounds away at her pussy feeding a taste to her malnourished mouth. Her bald beaver vacuums up his wang, as her nipple tips turn to hard crusted tootsie rolls. The two go long and hard, before he pulls out, fucks her face and blows a huge load in her mouth and all around the lower part of her face. The residual globs puddle up below her neck, which she uses as cream to coat her choco nippy tipped titties with.

Niches: Asian, Shaved


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