Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #7 28 min (Third World Asian series)

Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #7 on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Nam is our covergirl and an eager young, over achiever from Bangkok. She is 18 and speaks some English already, but apparently is interested in sharpening her skills with Allan and Dimitri. She has a beautiful smile and pretty dark long hair and appears more exotic than the average Thai girl; perhaps with a bit of Indian blood in her as well.. Her nose is pierced, but the rest of her is all natural; including two gorgeous little tits and a perfect body. Her dark nipple tips stand on end as her pretty pussy warms to Professor Allans touch. She may only be 18,but sucks cock and manhandles the bulk of Allans fatty down her throat just like someone who has been doing it for years. He tags her first from behind, ramming this teenager and spanking her ass from time to time, instilling a little schoolhouse discipline. He pulls out her sapping wet vagina and feeds her a taste of her own pussy juice, before ramming her again and unleashing a giant load on her bald and now battered beaver.

Niches: Spanking, Interracial


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