All About Gia Darling 28 min (Third World Tranny series)

All About Gia Darling on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Gia had a big thing going on for Tom. He is definitely one of her favorites. And he does not seem to mind Gia too much either; as he sucks her big tits and swallows her meaty hog. She shaves it clean for Tom to suck on and he seems to have mastered the kind of oral stimulation Gia really likes. She chubs up quickly, before giving Tom a bit of the same oral treatment, as her massive jugs jiggle and shake as she slurps and sucks away at his knob while jerking around her own stiff rod. They do the 69 and gag on each others cocks, before Tom tags Gia from behind, slamming her skinny butt-cheeks as her half hard hog bounces with each anal thrust. Gias man pussy is just like a girl pussy and she can cum hard with the right strokes. Tom got all the moves and finishes Ms. Darling off with some oral pleasure. She rewards him for a job well done with a mouthful of ejaculate, as her eyes roll back into her head and Tom whacks his own whanker off, globbing the end of Gias cum-glazed cock tip.

Niches: Big Tits


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