All About Gia Darling 28 min (Third World Tranny series)

All About Gia Darling on thirdworldtbms

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Summary: Gia kinda likes Jimbo too. In fact, he has a shaved head like Tom and he is in absolute love with Gias phallus just like Tom too. He licks and sucks and swirls his tongue in and out of the tip of Gias hard foreskin coated meat. He swallows and gags himself on her entire package, before the two move into the 69 position where Gia works her oral skills too. She is wearing pig tails and pink brazier and looking very cute with Jimbos cock stuffed in her mouth. She looks even hotter as Jimbo mounts her from above and takes a hard ride on Gias only remaining manly feature. She plugs him well from below and then splits him wishbone style, long stroking his bright white shitter. She thrusts her thick thighs as her bubble butt s hakes and Jimbo squeals like a pig from time to time. He finally gets his turn on her soft fuck box and plugs her till she coughs up a milky one. He pulls out to dump his semen right on top of hers.

Niches: Anal


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